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Speed Reading Science – Reading Techniques and Strategies for Scientific Papers


The flood of information can hardly be managed with conventional reading methods any longer. Mountains of scientific papers, protocols, presentations or e-mail stacks including handouts, downloads and attachments make it necessary to absorb texts in a targeted manner, read them efficiently and evaluate them meaningfully. However, we meet the increasing demands with reading techniques that we learned in elementary school and have rarely questioned or improved since then.
Reading speed can easily be increased by at least 50% – even with difficult texts. Faster reading enhances text comprehension and retention and conveys greater confidence in dealing with texts. As confidence grows, so does the ability to cope efficiently with the flood of information. Competence building, improved concentration, time saving, motivation and psychological relief successfully intertwine.

Course Objectives and Content:

  • Immediate, sustained, measurable increase in reading ability
  • Exercises to reduce the three main reading errors (partially supported by technical devices)
  • Practicing efficient reading techniques – no mere cross-reading!
  • Flexible reading strategies for individual reading situations
  • Regular, motivational testing that provides immediate feedback on progress
  • Improved concentration and memory
  • Relief specifically for reading on the screen
  • Strategies & tips for reading scientific texts


You can register for the event one month before the event starts from 9am.


Friedrich Hasse


PostDocs, Promovierende


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For this workshop a good English reading proficiency is expected (approx. B2 English language level). The skills acquired in this training can be transfered to texts in other languages (e. g. German).


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