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Data Science with R: Introduction


In this course participants will learn the basics of the R programming language, with a particular focus on using R for handling, visualising and analysing research data. This course will also highlight strategies for developing an efficient workflow centred around R and making use of RStudio as a helpful graphical user interface. After the completion of this course, each participant should be able to import data with R, navigate and manipulate data tables and represent data graphically. Additionally, participants will learn to organise their projects in a way that facilitates reproducibility.  This course does not intend to cover in-depth statistical theory. If you are unsure whether this course is at the right level for you, there is a self-evaluation test available at the website of You Say Data.


You can register for the event one month before the event starts from 9am.


Dr. Thomas Köntges


PostDocs, Promovierende


Microsoft Office und weitere IT Anwendungen


R (>4.3) and RStudio will need to be installed prior to the course; a second screen has been recommend by past participants


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